Desktop Display Cases – Your Complete Guide To Making The Most Of Your Museum Displays

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There are many different kinds of desktop display cases. How do you know which one is right for you? Here at Glasshaus, we are experts in museum and exhibition display solutions. This is our guide to choosing and designing a desktop display case that works best for you, and your visitors.


There Are 2 Main Types Of Desktop Display Cases

1. Lift Off Clam

The lift off clam case is small and simple, usually with a steel frame around the bottom of the case.

2. Hinged Case With Gas Strut Assist

Desktop display cases with gas struts are commonly used and allow for greater mobility of the case.

Desktop Cases

5 Benefits Of Desktop Display Cases

1 Optimal Viewing

A key highlight of desktop display cases is that are a quick and easy way to engage your visitors as the cases offer a 360-degree view of your objects. They also ensure that your desktop display cases are the optimal height for viewing to create and engaging experience for both adults and children.

2 Ideal For Small Items

Desktop display cases act as focal points in your museum or exhibition. They draw visitors to the artefacts inside and provide an excellent platform for small items. The sleek glass design allows close-up viewing of precious or rare items, allowing a privileged, close-up view of the objects.

3 Secure

As desktop display cases are easier to interact with for visitors, it is vital that they are secure to protect the objects from deterioration or accidental damage. Glasshaus uses Abloy Locks to ensure strong, reliable security for rare or valuable objects in all their display cases. From installation to aftercare, we give you complete peace of mind. We can even provide your desktop display cases with a custom thickness of glass.

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4 Bespoke

As specialists in display cases, we are proud of our bespoke manufacturing services. We work with the curator to design and build bespoke cases that fit seamlessly into your exhibition area. It is important that you can have a display case that is the right shape, size and has the right lighting for maximum engagement. The plinth, lighting, finish and colour can all be customised to suit your unique needs. At Glasshaus, the same people who design your desktop display case will be the same ones who fit them to maintain high standards of quality from initial design to installation.

5 Conservation Grade

It is vital that you protect your display objects from deterioration and damage, especially if they are old, fragile or rare. As well as being secure and strong, a desktop display case is a vital tool in conservation. Fragile objects can discolour and deteriorate under the wrong conditions. At Glasshaus, we incorporate silica gel into the plinth or case of the display to prevent humidity. Your desktop display case should also have a perfect air seal to control air-exchange rates which further helps to prevent deterioration.

Dublin Zoo

We are proud to have worked on exciting projects across the UK and beyond. For example, we manufactured and installed hexagonal shaped display cases for Dublin Zoo for their T-Rex exhibition in the Zoorassic World area. Our bespoke cases are new and secure homes for fascinating artefacts that illustrate the life of the T-Rex.

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Desktop Cases

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