Freestanding Display Cases – 6 Reasons To Include Freestanding GlassHaus Display Cases In Your Next Exhibition

We are leading manufacturers of bespoke freestanding display cases. Discover our 6 benefits of freestanding display cases for your exhibition or display today.
Precious items need special display cases. At Glasshaus, we specialise in stunning display solutions for museums, exhibitions and special events. We strike a beautiful balance between style, security and practicality to give your artefacts the showcase they deserve.

Why Choose Freestanding Display Cases?

Freestanding display cases are a sleek, modern choice for your display. The minimal aesthetic compliments a variety of displays and exhibitions, from traditional to cutting-edge. Freestanding cases are ideal for large display areas or where large access doors and overhead lighting is beneficial to the space.

Our display cases are not only stylish, but practical and secure too! As leading manufacturers of bespoke display cases, we design, create and fit bespoke cases to meet your specific requirements.

Read on to discover what makes our freestanding cases so special.

6 Benefits Of Freestanding Display Cases

1. Security

Security is a top priority for many displays and exhibitions. Not only must display cases protect any fragile or valuable objects from deterioration, they must ensure safety from theft or intentional damage. We only use Abloy locks on our freestanding display cases. Abloy are leaders in high quality electric and mechanical security solutions so that you can be rest assured your artefacts stay safe.  Only our clients have the authority to request replacement keys for their display cases.

Our cases are also designed to work in conjunction with alarm sensors and similar security measures. We are always happy to recommend other leading specialists to carry out further security work.

Freestanding dispay Cases

2. Lighting

Each of our freestanding display cases have discrete LED or fibreoptic lighting as standard. There are also a range of lighting solutions for you to choose from, such as:

  • Backlit acrylic panels
  • Light sheets
  • Lighting posts
  • Lighting bars

We can advise you on how to create the perfect lighting for your display with our expert knowledge and passion for conservation. Our designers and can even create prototypes of bespoke designs before we build them, so they are made to your exact specification.

3. Shelving

We provide a range of shelving options including:

  • Suspended shelves with hanging rods
  • Adjustable rear panel shelving
  • Bespoke plinths

4. Access

Freestanding display cases also come with a variety of access solutions. For instance, each freestanding case features either a hinge or pull and slide door depending on the space around it. Our cases are designed with the curator in mind in order to minimise disruption to the artefacts themselves. Freestanding cases are also built to take more weight and can utilise much larger or heavier doors. We always conceal the hinges too, for a sleek and stylish appearance.

5. Bespoke

There are a variety of different glass options available when you design your freestanding display case. You can choose from glass on one, two, three or all 4 sides to suit your display needs. Here at GlassHaus, we allow any combination as standard, including half and half. As well as our tried and tested designs, we love to get stuck into a one-off project. We use a 3D printer to get your design just right before it goes to the workshop.

6. High quality materials

We use conservation grade materials for all our freestanding display cases. This protects important and valuable artefacts from damage, deterioration and keeps them secure from dust and moisture. We always work with the exhibition curator in mind, which is why tailor our design to each artefact and adapt our techniques in line with British Museum guidelines.  For instance, silica gel helps to absorb any moisture. We incorporate this into different areas of the case for optimum moisture control.

Our team take great pride in our freestanding display shelves; our cases are fitted by the same people who built them. This allows us to maintain high standards from concept to sales support – we are proud to provide leading standards of bespoke cases across the world.

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