4 Advantages of Glass Display Cases For Your Museum Exhibition

We are the leading manufacturers of custom glass display cases. Find out how our conservation grade cases UK keep your artefacts safe, secure and well lit and engage audiences across the world.

1. Security

Glass display cases often provide a home for precious, rare or valuable objects of great cultural significance. Security is a key feature to consider when choosing your display case. They must be tamper-proof and secure from potential thieves. A high quality glass display case will also minimise any risk of accidental damage to the glass for superb durability; keep your exhibit looking smart and attractive for years to come.  At GlassHaus we use Abloy locks that ensure the highest standards of security for your display case. We use cutting edge manufacturing methods and materials that are not only strong and durable, but are sleek, modern and completely customisable to meet unique specifications.

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2. Conservation

Our cases do not only look attractive but are a vital tool in preserving artefacts from damage. Many types of artefacts are prone to damage or deterioration over time. We educate each member of the team on the importance of conservation and the impact different variables can have on each exhibit. This ensures that everyone from designers to our installation team are maintain the UK’s leading standards for custom glass display cases. For example:


Lighting your glass display case well and in line with conservation guidelines is an essential part of audience engagement and general quality of display.

Light damage can be caused by the sun and from fluorescent lights such as a light bulb. When artefacts are exposed to ultraviolet radiation from light, they can fade or discolour and consequently decrease in value or relevance; unfortunately light damage is irreversible. Take for example, Van Gough’s ‘Sunflowers’. He famously used chrome yellow to portray vibrant yellow petals; however years of fluorescent light exposure darkened the yellow tones considerably, leading to conservationists still testing methods of paint conservation in the present day.

At GlassHaus, we provide bespoke LED lighting solutions for your glass display cases to ensure maximum engagement from your audience as well as protection for light-sensitive objects. Lighting can be fitted outside the glass display cases or inside depending on your unique requirements.

Air Exchange

Humidity, temperature and pollutants can all contribute to deterioration of an artefact, particularly those comprised of organic materials. Even large glass display cases can remain perfectly sealed or maintain your chosen air exchange rate for sensitive artefacts.

We conduct in-house air exchange testing and leak tests during installation as standard. At GlassHaus, we promise to provide you with complete peace of mind; we can make sure your gas display cases have a perfect, leak-free seal. Our conservation grade glass display cases UK offer bespoke rates of air exchange that is optimum for your exhibit.

3. Glass Display Cases Can Be Bespoke

Whether you are looking for a small or large glass display cases, find a reputable company that will invest time into creating a design to your needs. There is already a huge variety of glass display cases for sale such as free standing, desktop refurbished cases. However, sometimes your exhibit or space will require something more bespoke.

We love a challenge. At GlassHaus we combine cutting-edge technology with specialist knowledge and expertise to produce glass display cases that are a beautiful mix of design and practicality. We understand that every exhibit and surrounding space are unique. You won’t find one size fits all glass display cases for sale on our site; please get in touch so that we can be sure we meet your exact requirements.

Leading Standards of Quality

Our tight-knit team cut our glass in-house and travel across the UK and the world to install their creations. This gives us complete control over quality standards so that we can maintain excellent service from initial design to installation.

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4. Engagement

A great museum display catches the attention of visitors. An engaging display is a gateway to learning and inspiration. A well lit museum display that does not compromise on the condition of the artefacts is a good way to catch the audience’s attention as well as create a sleek, professional environment that displays each object to its full potential.

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