Museum Display Cabinets - What Makes Our Museum Display Cabinets So Special?

We don’t just say that because we design, build and manufacture them at our in-house facility.

Museum Display Cabinets Are Special

We say that because we recognise how valuable they are in education and conservation. For example, a museum display cabinet should provide a secure, safe home for precious artefacts for your visitors to engage with.

Here’s a quick run-down of the key elements we incorporate into the design and manufacture of a museum cabinet to reach our high standards of service and build quality, whatever your project might be.

What makes our museum display cases so special?

Museum Display Cabinets


Each of our museum display cabinets is built using conservation grade materials. The quality of our materials creates a strong foundation for us to work from in terms of preserving objects and artefacts. To do this, we use the British Museum Oddy Testing list to ensure that any materials we use will create a safe environment for each artefact. It is vital that we make sure that both the environment and materials used will not interact with the artefact and disrupt conservation.


Museum display cabinets UK must be secure. Many artefacts have a high monetary value or are of cultural and historical significance and must provide protection from intentional or accidental damage. This is why we manufacture our display cabinets with Abloy locks for high-quality security to suit our client’s needs. We also do this by working closely with trusted specialists to install further features such as alarm sensors.


Lighting is another key component of our museum display cabinets. Good lighting makes displays and exhibitions accessible to the public and showcase your artefacts in the best light. We offer a variety of bespoke lighting solutions for your museum cabinet, including:

  • LED
  • Fibre optics
  • Light sheets
  • Lighting posts
  • Lighting bars

We can advise on the best kind of lighting for your museum cabinets and ensure the lighting is compatible with current conservation regulations for your object. If you’re not sure on the effect each type of lighting will provide, we can create prototypes on our 3D printer so you can decide on the ideal bespoke solution for your cabinet.

Testing & Air Exchange

We leak test all our display cabinets We do this to protect your objects from humidity, dust and control the environment for conservation. At Glasshaus, we carry out in-house air exchange testing to ensure a leak-free seal for your cabinet.

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Leading Technology

We are an in-house team of designers, engineers and craftsmen. As experts in our field, we work together to combine our specialist skills to create innovative, cutting edge solutions for all your cabinets. We even cut our own glass in-house!

Types Of Museum Display Cabinets

We offer a variety of different display cabinets. Each type can be made bespoke to your exact requirements – we love a technical and creative challenge.

  • Freestanding
  • Pull & Slide
  • Desktop
  • Inset Wall
  • Demountable
  • Bespoke

Find out more about the types of museum display cabinets we offer.

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