Museum Display Cases

Our museum display cases provide a stunning platform for conservation and awe-inspiring engagement. We combine design, practicality and security with specialist expertise and cutting-edge technology.

Museum Display Case Specialists

Our museum display cases are special, and they need to be. We provide a beautiful platform for education, awe-inspiring engagement and conservation.

We combine stunning aesthetics with maximum practicality, high security and cutting-edge technology to display rare, fragile and treasured objects and protect them for generations to come.

From cultural artefacts to trophies and extinct species, we provide a safe home for a wide variety of incredible objects.

museum display cases

Why Choose Glass Haus Museum Display Cases?

Next time you visit a museum or exhibition, take a look at the museum display cases. They should show off the high-quality museum displays as well as being secure, well-lit and accessible. This is where we utilise our expertise to its supreme potential.

So, what creates outstanding museum display cases?

High Quality Materials

Every material we use is conservation grade. We use the British Museum Oddy test and send new materials for testing when necessary.  For instance, our range of museum display cabinets at the Museum Of Zoolgy were our largest yet – they conserve and protect extinct species of varying sizes with internal steel frames.

Bespoke Lighting

Visiting a museum is a largely visual experience; lighting can make or break the visitor journey.  We offer LED, lightsheets, fibre optics and lighting bars to create the ideal environment for both the artefact and visitor. We will assist you in finding the perfect lighting for your museum display cabinets.

Our project at The Wimbledon Tennis Museum needed bespoke lighting. In an usual case, this was fitted outside the museum display exhibition cases to best illustrate the gleam of the men’s and women’s singles trophies.

Top Security

We use high security Abloy locks; the UK’s leading experts on secure locks and functionality. In addition, we team up with security specialists so that your museum display cases UK are compatible with alarm sensors for complete peace of mind.

Accessibility For All

There are 2 aspects of access we perfect during the design, manufacture and installation of your museum display exhibition cases.

  1. Access for the curator – it is vital that both access to the artefact and to silica gel (for moisture absorption) is simple and requires little disruption to the artefact
  2. Access for the public – To inspire, engage and learn, museum display cases must be easily accessible to all members of the public in terms of design, layout and lighting.

Why Are Our Museum Display Cases Special?

Individual Design

Here at Glass Haus, we love a challenge. Our process begins by exploring how we can bring the designer’s vision to life. Our creative problem-solving skills and close-knit team ensure that we deliver to an often complex brief that meets the need of the curator. It’s this ethic that allows us to deliver the desired outcomes for a range of industries including museums, exhibitions and the heritage sector.

Expert Manufacturing

The bespoke nature of our work is what really makes us tick. We’re adaptable, flexible and put our and the curator’s aim for perfection at the centre of every decision we make. Our knowledge, expertise and investment in cutting-edge technology allow us to meet strict deadlines for extra-special projects.

Furthermore, all installations of our museum cases are by the people that create them for exceptional levels of service and quality of work.

Air Exchange Testing

Did you know we leak test all our cases as standard? We’re specialists in premium conservation grade museum display cases. As a result, we educate every member of the team in the importance of humidity and air exchange regulation. So it doesn’t matter whether you require a specific air exchange rate or to just ensure your museum cabinets are perfectly sealed; in-house air exchange testing and leak tests during installation are standard.

We’re also proud to offer an after sales support service to help you maintain your museum display cabinets for a striking, long-lasting impression.

Our work has taken us around the world; From the Springbok museum in Cape Town, the Norwegian Olympic Museum and back home again to York Castle. Where will we go next?


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