Refurbished Display Cases – Cost-Effective Display Solutions

Refurbished display cases by Glasshaus are a brilliant way to revamp your existing displays with bespoke features to showcase and conserve your exhibits.

We don’t just create and design bespoke display cases from scratch. We are passionate about refurbished display cases too!

Why Choose Refurbished Display Cases?

Save Money

Who says your display cases have to be new? Refurbished cases are a cost-effective way to breathe new life into your exhibition. By refurbishing your current cases, you can reduce your expenses but still benefit from great quality design. Refurbished cases are ideal for giving your display a revamp, improving existing features or setting up your new exhibition.

glass display cases Refurbished display cases

Conserve Your Exhibits

Display cases are often a vital part of exhibit protection. Not only do they offer an important physical barrier, they help in conservation too. However, old or worn display cases may lose their effectiveness over time. Refurbished display cases are a great way to ensure lasting and effective conservation of your exhibits.

For example, we often see a deterioration of the seal in older cases. This can affect air exchange rates inside and negatively impact the conservation of the artefact.

Here at Glasshaus, we use our vast wealth of knowledge and experience to determine how best to protect priceless or fragile artefacts. We work closely with curators to find outstanding display solutions to preserve precious objects for the years to come.

Air Exchange Testing

Your display cases must have a perfect seal to protect the vulnerable artefact inside, especially against humidity and dust. Cases can gain visible seal damage over time. Sometimes, it’s difficult to tell if a seal is affected with the naked eye. That is why our passionate team of experts leak test all our cases as standard to create the ideal environment for your objects. We can also create specific air exchange rates and advise on buffers and provide guidance on your silica gel requirements.

So, whether you are looking to re-purpose old cases or improve your existing ones, the Glasshaus team will be happy to help.

Engage Your Audience

A tired, drab display doesn’t do justice to the objects it houses. A well-maintained refurbished display case that suits the overall theme of the exhibition is an easy way to engage your visitors. Not only is the case more accessible and visually exciting, it promotes the overall experience of the exhibition. Refurbished cases are a great opportunity to revamp existing exhibits or re-purpose into new ones.

Our Projects

We are proud providers of refurbished display cases to exhibitions across the UK and beyond. For example, we resealed several old cases for the exhibition at York Minster Undercroft and tested the air exchange to preserve their historical objects.

We also revamped cases at York Castle Museum and Lord’s Cricket Ground Museum for new exhibitions and to increase viewer engagement.

See more of our projects

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About Glasshaus

We can build any kind of bespoke display case you can imagine. If you can dream it, we can do it! This is all down to our in-house team of designers, manufacturers and installers. Our knowledge of conservation grade refurbished cases, materials and design allows us to deliver cutting-edge display solutions for museums and exhibitions around the world.

We even have our own in-house glass cutting facility! This allows for precision, speed and keeps our overheads low. Our team pride themselves on getting things just right which is why we leak test as standard and work closely with designers and curators on a daily basis.

The team that design, build and refurbish your cases are the same ones that install your display cases too!

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